I like to direct, film, edit and produce my own work. This gives me creative freedom, which is always necessary when trying to make something that you couldn't imagine beforehand. I am often given references and ideas for this kind of work, however I always try my hardest to create something beyond your expectations, whilst of course keeping close to your original vision. 
A trance-inspired visualiser created for Seb Wildblood's single 'Jobi'. The track was created in celebration of his newly-born nephew, Jobi, so it really was an honour to make this for something that is so personal to him.
3d music video I created for London-based musician Cameo Blush. A constant flourishing spectrum of colours spread across celestial and aquatic imagery.
Another 3d music video I created for a musician called Mauv. Full of unique and surreal sights. Follows the perspective of a creature that gets another chance in life but abuses it instead.
Click symbol for sound (Track is Manual by Mauv)
Video I shot for the Plastic Tramps. Shot at an abandoned factory, the combined energy of the setting and the band resulted in a dark, intense video that really suited the troubling themes of the song. 
Click symbol for sound (Track is Asylum Insane by Plastic Tramps)
Click symbol for sound (Track is Sugar Armor by 7038634357)
Here is part of a visual piece I made for model & artist, Migny.