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Deposit is 20% of the price

The 5 Minute Mini Doc

I will be around on the day from the bridal preparation to the end of the speeches, and in that time will be able to get some incredible highlights of your special day. As well as what has already been mentioned I will include parts of the ceremony, the confetti shots, your guests having a good time, amongst other fun moments from your day.


Deposit is 20% of price for all packages
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At the next tier I will be around for nearly the whole day, from the very start for up to 9 hours. This will give me more space in the edit to fit in as much fun footage of friends and family as possible. I will also include a 3 minute highlight film and travel expenses with this.


The 10 minute Short film

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The 20 minute short feature

There might be parts of the speeches that you may never want to end, or you may want to get enough space in the feature to be able to see enough of your family and friend's reactions throughout the day. In the end, this will give you so many memories of the most special day of your lives. I will be about from the very start for up to 10 hours. A 3 minute highlight film and travel expenses are included in this.


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the 30 minute feature film

If you really want to have a complete memento for the day, then this is the option for you. It is not uncommon to want the whole ceremony to be in your film, along with plenty of beautiful shots of the venue, and highlights of multiple speeches. The guests, the food, the dances - it is unsurprising how much of it likes to be remembered. Available from start to finish. A highlight film with a length of your choice and travel expenses are included in this. I will send a memory stick with it on as well.


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extra filming 

I will gladly stay for longer on the day if the hours included in the package aren't enough for what you want me to cover.

£100 per extra hour

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Often there is good footage that cannot make it into your chosen film’s time limit.  I will be happy to discuss editing your film to accommodate your wishes.

£150 per 5 extra minutes