Here at LAF, one of the things I take a lot of pride in is promoting businesses.
It is no surprise at this time that promotional videos are becoming more and more common. 
Promotional videos are the perfect way to attract new customers. They allow people to easily get an insight into the service or products that your business sells.
The Film
Penny at Edgcott House asked me to get some footage of her business. She really wanted people on her website to get an idea of what the experience would be like. 
Click the play button above to take a peek!
The Photos
She also requested me to take some photos. Here are a few below from that day you can browse through.
If this is something that you are interested in, lets discuss it! 
Because every business is different in its size, type and style, some may require more or less footage and photos to fully cover. It may also be that you have a specific budget for this, so I would be happy to help accommodate that into the price. Whether you want just a film, just photos, or both, I am more than happy to suit your needs. 
After doing a couple weddings at Colehayes, they saw how I captured their venue when watching a couples highlight film, and decided to have me back to capture their grounds. I absolutely love every time that I'm here, its like its own little world.
In the Summer, Huntsham Court, another really great wedding venue, needed coverage of their gardens.